Sarah and Aliya’s Exploring Balance Retreat is a great experience for yogis of all levels. They go out of their way to make sure that everyone gets personalised instruction and the locations they choose are simply stunning. - Matt (La Rosa dei 4 Venti, 2017)

This year’s retreat was amazing. Every aspect of the retreat was just perfect. Freshly prepared food 3 times a day and great attention detail. The classes were a brilliant way to further my practice. -Gill (La Rosa dei 4 Venti, 2017)

My only regret is that my yoga retreat had to end. I had an absolutely wonderful time at La Rosa. Sarah and Aliya are not only very organised, but warm and funny. I felt so welcomed. It was great meeting people from other cultures who shared a common interest in yoga.-Sheba (La Rosa dei 4 Venti, 2017)

I was anxious about coming on the retreat as I did not know anyone other than Aliya and had never done a retreat before. The week was incredible, I met some great people, ate beautiful food, and my yoga practice is stronger and more confident. I am so happy to have attended and look forward to more in the future. - Becky (La Rosa dei 4 Venti, 2017)

Stepping into La Rosa with Aliya & Sarah was like stepping into a protected world of comfort & calmness. I have met some amazing people, learnt more about yoga and meditation which will expand my practice and go home feeling wonderful with new and amazing friends. - Julie (La Rosa dei 4 Venti, 2017)

Exploring Balance 2016 was my first yoga retreat. While the accommodations were excellent and the people delightful, what really impressed me was the effort that Sarah and Aliya took to ensure that participants of all skill levels were challenged throughout the week. -Matt (Molino del Rey, Spain)

A dream yoga vacation! One week of completely relaxation.  -Janet (Molino del Rey, Spain)

This was a very special week for me. The location and retreat were fantastic, the yoga was brilliant, Aliya and Sarah are wonderful. I would not hesitate to do another of their retreats. -Julie (Molino del Rey, Spain)

A thank you just does not seem an adequate phrase for what i feel just now, but in the absence of anything else it will have to do. I had no expectations (very unlike me) of what the week would entail, but to say i was blown away would be an understatement. I found the classes challenging but loved them anyway and achieved things i had previously not been able to do. I feel as though my body and soul have been nurtured and nourished in equal measure. Thank you, thank you, thank you. -Gillian (Molino del Rey, Spain)

Aliya and Sarah guided us through a balanced and relaxing week. The group was very open and friendly with happy gatherings around the dinner table and fun yoga classes. -Daniela (Itha Retreat, Greece)

Accessible, fun and challenging. Aliya and Sarah managed to make progression easy and were very conscientious and helpful throughout. I would definitely come again. -Tim (Itha Retreat, Greece)

My time spent at Itha108 with Aliya and Sarah was the highlight of my summer. From the retreat center to the scenery to the fabulous classes and all of the wonderful, kind people I met, the week exceeded any expectations I may have had. Sarah and Aliya are very knowledgable teachers who guide you through a series of classes and workshops where everyone can learn and benefit. Looking forward to the next! -Danielle (Itha Retreat, Greece)

I came with trepidation as I had not practiced in awhile. I need not have worried as Sarah and Aliya's classes were set up to accommodate all levels. I thoroughly enjoyed my week and am now motivated to resume practicing when I get home. Thanks ladies! Hasta Malaga! -Ginette (Itha Retreat, Greece)

A wonderful opportunity to meet great people you wouldn't otherwise and to improve practice and/or discover yoga! Very relaxing, no pressure environment. Good food, good fun, good laughs, and new friends! -Chloe (The Hacienda Retreat, Spain)

This retreat has been funny, educational, and relaxing - a great combination. -Noela (The Hacienda Retreat, Spain)

The nicest people to do yoga with and hang out with. Wish it were longer! -Renata (The Hacienda Retreat, Spain)

My second trip on a yoga retreat with Aliya & Sarah was as rewarding and enjoyable as the first one. Great classes, instruction, food and company!       -Pete (The Hacienda Retreat, Spain)

This was my second retreat with Sarah & Aliya and I can't say enough good things! A week with these two is the perfect antidote to busy lives and a great way to develop some healthy habits (while having a whole lot of fun!) -Leila (The Hacienda Retreat, Spain)

Having never been on this type of holiday before and being extremely new to yoga I must admit before going to the retreat in Italy last year I was a little nervous and unsure what I would find. What I did find was that Aliya and Sarah are wonderful teachers and hosts and made the whole yoga experience extremely accessible for everyone, the retreat, the food and the fellow yogi’s meant that I had a great time and I am very much looking forward to this year’s retreat in Spain. -Pete (Casa della Pace Retreat, Italy)

The 2013 retreat was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. Sarah and Aliya put tremendous care into every detail, from finding a retreat location that would be a relaxed getaway, to planning each class and workshop to give beginners and experienced yogis alike a comprehensive exposure to the practice. The week was also a perfect combination of planned optional activities and down time to explore the area or simply sit and relax by the pool. A great option for yogis of all ages and experience, or for those just looking for a relaxed vacation in a beautiful setting with great food. I will be back in 2014! -Leila (Casa della Pace Retreat, Italy)